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Crime Stoppers of Miami-Dade County, Inc. is a non-profit community action program dedicated to the apprehension of criminals through anonymous tips and rewards. Crime Stoppers is governed by a volunteer civilian Board of Directors.  The unit is staffed on a day to day basis by Miami-Dade Police Officers.

Established in 1981 under the auspices of the Greater Miami Crime Commission, Crime Stoppers has evolved into a powerhouse of information gathering, receiving tips on crimes for over forty (40) law enforcement agencies from, city, county, state, federal and international levels.  Its effectiveness has made Crime Stoppers the most cost productive crime prevention and apprehension tool in the Miami-Dade County area with an average cost of $176.83 per arrest.

Through December 31, 2016, tips to Crime Stoppers have cleared over 37,131 cases, leading to the arrest and filing of criminal charges against over 11,601 criminals, recovering over 36,588,99 dollars of property and preventing over 132,378,005 dollars in illegal drugs from entering our schools and communities.  For all that work, Crime Stoppers has paid out a mere $2,014,760 in rewards to the anonymous “tipsters” who provided the information to trained detectives that operate the clearinghouse.

Your help with a tax-deductible donation is critical to the maintenance of this program.  All our rewards, educational and community programs are supported through corporate and private donations from civic-minded organizations and individuals such as yourself. Miami-Dade Police generously donate the time and training for the police officers who staff the tips office and phones 24 hours a day.  Call the Miami-Dade and The Florida Keys Crime Stoppers Administrative Office at (305) 471-6160 to find out how you can help.

Please indicate the donation that you can commit. Your generosity will help maintain the effectiveness of the program and rewards to citizens who provide valuable information so that crimes are solved, criminals are placed in jail and citizens can live and work in a safer community.

Please indicate the level of donation to which you will commit:

sponsor type
 commitment level
Perpetual plaque, 5 Year Commitment
Gold Sponsor
Perpetual plaque, 3-5 Year Commitment
Perpetual plaque, 3-5 Year Commitment
Plaque, Certificate, Letter, 2-3 Year Commitment
 $500 - $999
Letter and Certificate of Appreciation
 $1.00 - $499
Letter of Appreciation

On behalf of all victims, the community, our board and all law enforcement, thank you for your generous support.


9465 Miller Drive
Miami, FL 33165

Telephone: (305) 273-7607

Fax: (305) 273-0912

5601 NW 183rd Street
Miami Gardens, FL 33055
(305) 760-7029

10601 NW 41 St.
Miami, Florida 33178
(305) 597-5818