Miami-Dade & The Florida Keys
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Hands on Key Board Reporting Tips

Submit a Tip Online

Click the button below and fill in the form 

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It's confidential.

Man on Cell Phone Reporting Tips

Submit a Tip by Phone

Call Crime Stoppers by dialing 

305 471-8477 or 1 866-471-Tips 

Either way, it's anonymous.

Example of the P3 Miami Dade & The Florida Keys Phone App

Submit a Tip by App

Go to your favorite App store and download the P3  App. Find Miami in the cities and you will be hooked up.


Together we do make a difference

Crime Stoppers is a community-based organization which gives residents the opportunity to become involved in the fight against crime in Miami-Dade County and The Florida Keys. Our organization is comprised of three important partners who work together to make our communities a safer environment to live, work and play.  Through our programs, the South Florida citizenry, law enforcement, and the media work together towards one goal -- reducing crime. 

Due to a strong commitment from our community partners and our ability to focus our resources on the people who commit the crime in our neighborhoods, our partnerships are consistently able to report a positive impact on our region. Our callers (tipsters) from the community are central to our partner's successes.